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Sanrio Characters Tumblers

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Size: Approximate 8.5×8.5×17.5cm

Capacity: 320m

Material: PP, ABS resin 


💕If you put a drink in the double structure, the character will float up.
💕Ice drinks and hot drinks are suitable to use

💕You can use it by inserting a straw into the drinking mouth without removing the lid.

💕The lid comes with a packing to prevent water leakage
Main body (inside) can be boiled and disinfected
Microwave, automatic dishwasher, dish dryer, freezer cannot be used

👉🏻Heat-resistant temperature: main body (inside) 120 degrees, main body (outside) 80 degrees

👉🏻The lid is not completely sealed. Please do not put it sideways or upside down.

Photo Credit: Sanrio